Cockatoos are birds that are understood to be clever because they can simulate different noises. Not rarely, for some people, the presence of this bird is a tension reliever. With all its advantages, the cost of the cockatoo is rather high. So it is with the cost of seedlings.

Not without factor, other than due to its knowledge this bird has one more one-of-a-kind type of crested and exclusive plume colors. The reproduction of these bird varieties is also rather challenging so that its circulation is not uniformly distributed. Nevertheless, cockatoos are still extensively pursued by bird fans.

Attributes of the Cockatoo

Cockatoo generally has a curved beak with a fairly large body dimension (at the very least 30 cm). This jagged beak symbolizes a bird that consumes grains. The beak is generally darker in shade offsetting the shade of its leading hair.

Furthermore, the toes are rather unique with crossing forms. Two fingers encountering forward as well as the remaining 2 fingers dealing with back. Cockatoos likewise have a distinct crest that can not be located in various other species of birds.

The Original Habitat of Cockatoos

Remember that cockatoo has indigenous environments in open land with numerous high, branched trees. Second woodlands, main or woodland edges near to common water resources make it an ideal place to live for these birds.

For that reason, it is essential to take notice of the problem of the cage or the atmosphere around the pet cage to make sure that birds do not quickly tension. You can use branching branches to the location to stop. And take note of the temperature level around the cage.

Types of Cockatoo

Those of you who wish to raise cockatoo are encouraged to learn more about the varieties – types first. This is to aid so as not to select the wrong bird. Do not allow you to maintain an unlawful type of bird. Right here are a few of the most typical types of birds with a short description.

1. White Cockatoo.

As the name indicates, this type of cockatoo has a leading white hair with a large white crest. The brilliant yellow shade is found on the inside of the wings. Having an additional name, alba cockatoo, this variety is the team with the biggest number compared to other types.

2. Galah Cockatoo.

Galah cockatoos have special features of pink or purple upper bodies, gray wings, and whiteheads. This kind has a life expectancy of approximately 40 years. To get it you have to attempt a bit extra because the distribution is still rather rare.

3. Cook Cockatoo.

So the type that is most commonly kept, the chef’s cockatoo has the characteristic of a lavish and sharp yellow-crested. This type is renowned for its intelligence and smart-talking. The triton cockatoo is additionally a close loved one of this type. Besides being maintained by this bird, it becomes a stress reducer treatment tool.

4. Pink Cockatoo.

For those of you who wish to preserve a sort of cockatoo with a dimension that is not so big, you can pick a pink cockatoo This species can grow to a maximum of just 40 centimeters. Although fairly small, the cost allows due to the fact that it is hard to obtain.

5. Black Tail Red Cockatoo.

The one-of-a-kind black color makes this bird look more manly. Native in Australia, red-tailed black cockatoos can be determined by red patches around the body and also the tail. The dimension is fairly huge around 60 centimeters, yet simple to tame.

6. Yellow Crested Cockatoo.

Having a relatively smaller dimension than various other types, this type has a special attribute in the form of white feathers with little yellow-crested. The rate of a miniature cockatoo can touch the price of 2 million per pet.

7. Maluku Cockatoo.

This indigenous bird from Indonesia is famous for its attractive colors with a dashing appearance. Feathers with shades of white blended with pink and also yellow make it much popular. Orange crests contribute to the attractiveness of the clever bird.

8. Tanimbar Cockatoo.

Tanimbar cockatoo or going is another indigenous type from the Tanimbar Islands, Maluku, Indonesia. Has a size of concerning 32 centimeters from head to tail making this variety the smallest of the various other kinds of cockatoo. Tanimbar cockatoos also have no crest as well as tend to be white.

9. Carnaby Cockatoo.

This indigenous species from landmass Australia is already jeopardized. Not without factor, the prominence of the black shade with white patterns around the suggestions of the feathers as well as cheeks brings in a great deal of people’s rate of interest to maintain it. Regrettably, this type is safeguarded as well as challenging to have.

10. Philippine Cockatoo.

This Philippine native animal at a glimpse looks like a sort of going. Thick white-crested white, dominant colored feathers with intense mining plumes behind its wings make it a desire for bird fans.

11. Macaw Cockatoo.

Macaw cockatoos are mainly from Africa. This bird is understood for its brightly colored feathers such as green, red, blue, yellow to black. Macaws that are already mature or still chicks are often used as private collections.

12. Ducorpsii Cockatoo.

This cockatoo with another name, Solomon’s cockatoo has a physical appearance that looks cute with stocky cheeks. Filled with pure white shades, it makes it even adorable. This bird has a pink or red beak.

13. King Cockatoo.

The bird species with the scientific name Probosciger Aterrrimus has a predominantly black feather with a red complexion on both cheeks. King cockatoo has long-crested and lush black. This type can be more than 1 meter long.

14. Swamp Cockatoo.

As the name suggests, the swamp cockatoo lives around the swamp. His body tends to be short with white all over his fur. While the circumference of his eyes is blue. That’s why this type has another name for a blue cockatoo.

15. Cockatoo Gang – Gang.

Having a medium-size this type of cockatoo has gray fur on the body and red on the head. Cockatoo alleys have red tufts. Unfortunately in some areas these birds are protected and can not be carelessly cared for.

How to Train a Cockatoo


A well-spoken cockatoo is sold as much as in the scout market, Jatinegara. But printing your own bird who is good at talking is a matter of pride. The price of your cockatoo can soar. Here’s how to train birds to speak fluently.

1. Remove the Bird from the Cage.

If possible remove the bird from its cage. This will bring you closer to your pet. Birds will also respond faster when released.

2. Interact with Easy Sentences.

Frequently interact with fairly easy sentences such as hello, good morning, good afternoon, thank you, or say hello.

3. Prepare a Reward if the Birds Succeed.

Prepare a reward like his favorite food if the bird successfully runs the trick. This will lure birds to practice more actively.

4. Repeat the exercise as often as possible.

Repeat the exercise as often as possible so that you can speak fluently fast. Do exercises in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The more often trained the faster the bird understands human language. conversation can continue to be added.

Latest Price of Cockatoo 2020

The price of cockatoo so far has been a concern. One of the most concerns is the price of yellow-crested cockatoos. In addition to the crested cockatoo types, here are the latest price list updates for various other types.

Type Bird Price
Bird cockatoos maluku IDR 1.500.000
Yellow crested cockatoos are 5 months old IDR 1.500.000
Swamp cockatoos IDR 2.000.000
Yellow crested mini cockatoo IDR 2.000.000
Sanguinea cockatoo IDR 2.500.000
Yellow-crested cockatoo IDR 2.500.000
Goffin cockatoo IDR 3.000.000
White cockatoo IDR 3.000.000
Pink cockatoo IDR 3.500.000
The black king’s cockatoo IDR 4.000.000
Black red tailed cockatoo IDR 4.000.000
Pair of cockatoo IDR 4.000.000
Macaw cockatoo IDR 7.000.000

For those of you who are interested in maintaining a cockatoo, first, make sure the new price and the legal maintenance of its kind. Because some types are protected and not traded freely. Also, pay attention to how to maintain it so that birds live long.

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