The backyard would be a right ‘canvas’ to test your creativity in landscaping. There will always a way to pamper your backyard and turn it into a heaven on earth. One of the things that you can do is building a fountain that is not only beautify every corner of the backyard, but also making it into a new place to relax thanks to the sound of moving water that brings peaceful ambience for a peaceful mind. The DIY fountain ideas would be the right path to adorn the backyard and put a new focal point on there. 

So, these ideas would help you to build the fountain without draining your savings account. Also, it doesn’t require big effort to build these beautiful fountains. Even a beginner like you could use these ideas to cut the cost without reducing the beauty of the fountains. Check these inspiring water fountain landscaping ideas!

1. Use Flower Pot

No no no, you don’t need to dig the ground and build a new fountain in your garden. The flower pot would be the best instant homemade fountain that would help you to cut the cost and time. Yes, it is also suitable for small backyard as the size of flower pot can be customized with the available space. We suggest you to use concrete or ceramic planter which is durable and water-friendly. You need affordable electric pump to create in-ground fountain. 

2. Old Cask

There are a lot of wild DIY fountain ideas that you can try in terms of recycling unused stuff. This time, you can give a new life to an old rotten cask. The unused wine barrel that you can find at the flea market won’t drain your money – its old-fashioned appearance would give a new ambience at the backyard. It looks rustic, vintage, you name it. Just make sure you have deodorized and sterilized the cask before you transform it into a DIY outdoor water fountain.

3. Japanese-styled Bamboo Fountain

There are a lot of Bamboo Fountain DIY ideas, from the simplest to the most complex model which could help you to kick the creativity on your mind. This unique Japanese-styled fountain looks perfect for those who have a very tiny backyard. It is space-saving, small, but has a high aesthetic value in compare with the regular outdoor fountains.

4. Stones for Landscaping

Other than plants, the stones would play huge part on your fountain to cover the blank area on the vicinity. There are a lot of kinds of stones that you can choose for landscaping the outdoor water fountain. The key is on how you arrange the stone structure to match the fountain style. like the idea of a house in cek ruang

5. Hack the Eyes

The art of creating a stunning fountain is on how you organize the pipe, cords, and how you take care of the water circulation. Make sure you hide cords, pipes, and water circulation to make the fountain look seamless and natural. Once you master this part, it would make the DIY fountain ideas perfect!

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