bathroom mirror cabinet ideas

Mirrors are not only used in the bedroom.

This one item must also be in the bathroom.

If your house has a large bathroom, there is usually a another separated space that is used for activities other than bathing such as shaving beards, brushing teeth, and dressing up.

There are minimalist bathroom mirror that you can choose for your bathroom.

Choosing Minimalist Bathroom Mirror

1. Round mirror

bathroom mirror box

The round shape is the most common and classic.

The mirror size is usually not too large and placed above the sink.

These mirrors are usually equipped with frames made of plastic or stainless steel.

Choose a light round mirror and place it parallel to your height when standing in front of it.

2. Frame or Frameless

hanging a bathroom mirror

Mirrors are generally divided into two designs, namely with frames or without frames.

The price of a frameless mirror is usually more expensive because it ensures that the edges are safe and does not cause injury when moved.

While the mirror with the frame gives a different impression, ranging from minimalism, vintage, even chic.

Other mirror models can be seen at

3. Mirror as part of wall

bathroom mirror big

If the bathroom space is spacious, you can use a mirror that is part of the wall.

This design is indeed similar to a shopping center toilet mirror.

Its large size can be a distinctive aesthetic value for your minimalist bathroom.

However, this type of mirror is certainly permanent and cannot be moved away.

4. Mirror size

bathroom mirror accessories

Before buying a mirror, you need to pay attention to the size of the mirror.

Of course, the mirror in the bathroom is not suitable if using a small size.

However, the size that is too large will also take place if your bathroom is narrow.

Think first about where you will put the mirror, then adjust the size.

5. Multifunctional mirrors

bathroom mirror and lighting ideas

Not only for reflection, mirrors can also be used for other things.

Some minimalist mirrors are designed with frames that have lights.

This lamp is optional so it can be used to maximize lighting.

For those of you who like to use makeup, you should consider using this multifunctional mirror.

6. Mirror as closet

athroom mirror cupboard

You cannot place wardrobe lemari pakaian in the bathroom, but that does not mean you cannot have storage space.

To save space, you can have a closed shelf in the bathroom with a mirror.

This type of mirror is certainly in accordance with the minimalist theme, namely simple and functional.

7. Sliding door mirror

bathroom mirrors lighting ideas

Confused about placing a mirror in the bathroom?

Take advantage of the door part as a place to put the mirror.

The mirror will be more aesthetic if the door is a sliding door.

You can use the outside of the bathroom door to use this type of mirror.

Of course, the mirror size is almost the same as the door.

Besides being an item that must be have, the place to place the mirror must also be considered.

Generally, minimalist bathroom mirror is located in bathrooms that are quite large in size with a sink in it.

The narrower the size of the bathroom, the smaller the mirror.

A variety of aesthetic mirrors can be found in various online and offline stores.

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