For years living in the world, we have never thought about how mysterious this place we live in. Even if it is examined, the unique fact of this world exceeds that of ants that are littering scattered sugar, you know. Surely we have never thought about it.

Therefore, intends to dismantle 6 unique world facts that are not widely known to many people. Starting from the rain that only happens once in a lifetime to the astonishing things experienced by astronauts in space. Curious? Consider the following review.

  • Rain Frogs in Mexico and Japan

If in Indonesia we have experienced hail that is common in countries that have 4 seasons, this time frog rain occurs in Mexico and Japan. In 1997 this unique incident visited Mexico, and happened again in 2009 in Japan. According to Japanese scientists, this happened because of a tornado that caused the attraction of animals up so that when they returned to the ground, the frogs seemed to come like rain.

  • February 1865 is the only moon that has no full moon

Different from the phenomenon that we have recently witnessed, that is twice the full moon occurs in one month (January 2018). The Supermoon and Super Blood Blue Moon phenomena that occur in one month are the result of full moon absence in February which only has 29 dates. Recorded in history, in February 1865 was the only unrepaired moon.

  • Astronauts are prohibited from eating nuts before carrying out their mission

Maybe you are confused, what is the connection between eating nuts and astronauts? They are average men and are not afraid of acne. But apparently, that is not a problem that will be caused if astronauts eat beans before going on duty. According to research, nuts can make humans often fart and gas released by humans can be dangerous in space. This will cause a creepy impact on their outerwear and can harm the astronauts themselves.

  • Breadcrumbs were used to remove pencil streaks

Before the rubber was found, it turned out that many things were used to erase pencil streaks, you know, Saboom. Long before 1770, scientists, writers, and even business people used breadcrumbs when removing mistakes made by their pencils. However, shortly after that the inventor from England, Edward Nairne found a more effective material for making erasers, namely rubber.

  • Guinness Book of World Records is the most stolen book from the library

It’s not Playboy magazine, nor is it the book seconds to the National Examination which turns out that many were stolen from libraries all over the world. Apparently, the Guinness Book of World Records, aka a book that contains many world records, is the most stolen book. I do not know what the motives of people steal the book because we can enjoy the world record through the internet or even other print media.

  • 10% of the human population in the world is left-handed

Based on reports from the Population Department, the Division of Social and Economic Affairs, the United Nations (UN), the human population in 2017 is 7.6 billion. That means there are around 700 thousand people who are left-handed. According to KBBI, left-handed is a left (hand) limb that is more skilled than the right.

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