Skena esports Dota 2 is arguably one of the most active in the world. Since holding The International tournament in 2011, Valve’s game has stolen a lot of attention because it offers a huge prize. The tournament organizers actively included it as a branch of the game they competed on several occasions.

Even so, of course there are problems that could arise from the organization of this competition. Just say score settings, bugs, or other scandals have colored the Dota 2 esports competition series.

Among the many cases that have occurred, the five cases below are considered to be the most complicated so they can be categorized as embarrassing scandals. Check out the following KINCIR narrative!

1. Give Up For 322 Dollars


Alexei Berezin or better known as “Solo” is a talented player from Russia. The captain and one of the best Supports had stumbled over a match-fixing case in 2013 at the Starladder event.

At that time, Solo was caught allowing his team, Rox, to lose to zRage as an underdog team who certainly had the capacity to play under Rox’s team at that time.

The Starladder team conducted an investigation and found the fact that Solo won 322 dollars at a gambling site. Solo was rumored to have been banned from playing in Starladder for life.

Luckily, thanks to his efforts to apologize and accept the consequences, the organizers released this sanction a year later. Thanks to his efforts to return from adversity, Solo is the captain of Virtus Pro, one of the most feared squads in the CIS region.

2. “Fountain Hook” Historic The International 2013


At the International 2013 event, Natus Vincere met a strong opponent from China, TongFu, in the Final Lower Bracket. Having lost and having to face a crucial game, NaVi was pressed to use a * bug. *

When combined with Chen, Pudge can make the Hook able to attract opponents to the fountain. This moment is often referred to as a very historic “Fountain Hook”.

Thanks to Chen’s Test of Faith, Pudge can teleport to the Fountain and bring enemies affected by his Meat Hook. In this way, Puppey and Dendi can turn things around. Hao from TongFu, who at that time used Gyrocopter to be a very dangerous Carry. He also often becomes the target of this strategy.

Even though the TongFu party admitted defeat, many people still considered this method fraudulent. Fountain Hook is one example if bugs can occur and make the game unbalanced.

3. Shanghai Major Fulfilled


The Dota 2 tournament is known to have a festive event. Even so, the Shanghai Major which was held last 2016 was predicted to be the worst event along the Dota 2 esports. Starting from broadcast problems, the service of players or spectators, until the sacking of one talent made many problems in Shanghai Major.

On the opening day, the negative atmosphere began to overwhelm Shanghai Major because broadcast production had many problems. Some players even steal their personal tools such as keyboards and mice during the group phase.

Perfect World as the organizer was blamed as the cause of the collapse of this event. Departing from this incident, Valve apologized and released PerfectWorld towards Shanghai Major’s final days.

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