Werner von Siemens was German inventor and his name was adopted as unit measurement for electrical conductance. People mostly recognize him as founder of Siemens company that had business in telecommunication and electrical areas.

He lived in early 1800s until 1892. Today, his company is still at the top list in telecommunication business. Siemens Company produced several mobile phones in few decades ago.

Early Life and Education

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He was born in Lenthe. Today, this area is in Hannover; a part of Gehrden. His father was tenant farmer. Siemens was old family name since 1384. His brothers were Carl heinrich and Carl Wilhelm.

His early education was in local elementary school. He moved to Bauakademia berlin to pursue degree. However, he decided to join School of Artillery and Engineering. This college was part of Prussian Military Academy.

During study, Werner von Siemens received medal and honors as excellent students. He invested sea mines using electrical charge for the war. The implementation of this technology was in Danish blockade of Kiel.

Siemens Company

He returned to home and worked had to perfecting the technology he invented. He invented several ones, and sold his first right to Ellington of Birmingham. He developed telegraph with point to letter. It was the advanced model from old Morse code.

Using that invention, he found Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske. Initial workshop opening was on 12 October 1847. The company expanded to international market. His brother William Siemens was representative in England.

After long business, Siemens Company was reorganized in 1966 to become the Siemens AG. The family still has share 6% as the biggest shareholder until today. Siemens AG is the top electro technological firm in this business.


He started as regular student in academy. Instead of regular school, he decided to enroll Army and learned more about engineering. His contribution was already stated: sea mines as technology for war.

After that, Werner von Siemens contributed to electrical and telecommunication field using his company. Siemens AG participated in several telecommunication joint and development. The company name might not produce smartphone, but most networks use Siemens technology as support.

Personal Life

His first wife was Mathilda Drumann, married in 1952. She was died on 1 July 1967. His children from he first married were Arnold and Georg Wilhelm. His children from second married were Herta and Carl Friedrich von Siemens.

He was inventor and industrialist, but advocate social democracy. His view regarding capitalism was not for gaining more money. He saw capitalist as opportunity to accelerate human existence.

The Patents

As it mention above, his first invention was related to telecommunication technology and device. He invented telegraph that changed many communication system. Morse code was too complex and no longer in use later years.

His inventions included electric railway and meter. He also has patent related to the method for gold extraction. His patents were in many areas, such as technology, mining, telecommunication, etc.

Today, Werner von Siemens is considered the greatest inventor in the world. Moreover, Siemens is also international unit for electric admittance, conductance, and susceptance. The name was approved in 1871.

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