Because of the rapid technology development, T-shirt designers opt for digital printing to create design on their products. It is important for them to know the best types of digital printing technology.

Digital printing is an inexpensive method to produce design on fabrics. However, wrong types of printing will not yield an expected result. It may ruin the end product instead. Here are some of the best fabric printing types!

Pigment Digital Printing

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This is among the most popular printing types. It is can be applied in the process of printing synthetic and natural fabrics. The versatility makes it among the most common technique used. There are several advantages offered when using this printing technique for designs.

It offers very vibrant printing result that stays for a long time instead of getting washed out immediately in one wash. The technique is also pretty simple since there is no rinsing required. Pigment printing is also relatively affordable compared to other techniques.

Reactive Dye Digital Printing

In reactive dye printing technique, heat is used to make the coloring sticks to T-shirt fabric. It will stick to the fabric for a very long time. The great thing about this technique is that, when applied to dark fabric, the result will have soft and vivid finish.

Unfortunately, there is a certain stench that will come out of the finished product. You cannot use all printers to emulate this technique. The printer must have technical ability to achieve such result. Because of that, it is a bit expensive.

Discharge Digital Printing

This is a quite innovative fabric printing technique to be used. Instead of coloring the fabric with dye ink, the printer works to remove existing color that has already been on the fabric. It produces vivid color to the T-shirt. Detailed design can be delivered well too using this technique.

The downside is that it cannot work for all colors. It also has hard time when dealing with synthetic fabric. The technique is better applied to cotton T-shirt. Nonetheless, it is one of the best types of digital printing technology.

Disperse Dye Digital Printing Second

Disperse dye printing is a great technique to be employed to print synthetic fabric, such as polyester. It utilizes disperse dye ink as the coloring agent. In order to make sure that the color will stick to T-shirt fabric; it is heated and pressed to the fabric.

The coloring agent used in this technique cannot dissolve in water. Because of that, there is very minimum risk of the printed design getting washed out during washing. There is low chance for the print to bleed out and stain the fabric.

Acid Digital Printing

Acid digital printing utilizes acid dye ink. It is perfect if you are printing design of T-shirt that is made of nylon or silk material. It is capable of producing very vibrant color. You are able to employ intricate designs utilizing this printing technique for T-shirt.

Since it works best with fabric that has smooth surface, the process of printing may be a little bit rigorous. There is need to wait for the ink to dry out before moving onto next step. It is definitely one of the best types of digital printing.

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