Sea Level Rise

Reports showed sea level rise is at the high peak in last two decades. There are few factors why this situation occurs. In ancient time, most cities were located next to the coastal area and sea. Today, they are no longer visible because water submerges them.

The most common one is global warning that increases the temperature and changes the climate. Most of water comes from glacier and ice melting due to high temperature.

Sea Level Measurement

Sea Level Rise

To know more about this topic, you should understand how researchers and experts measure sea level. In fact, definite method is no available unless there is a device to project the earth entirely.

You may be familiar with term sea level that indicates the height using sea as zero point. Land in coastal area has similar or above this level, but too much. On contrary, mountain is measured based on its peak top vertically to the below level where the sea is as horizon.

When the level is higher, more water will be in coastal are that reduce land excessive. It happens each year and will put one city completely under water after hundreds years. That’s what happens as result on arising sea level.

Water Storage and Sea Level

Sea Level Rise

  • Antarctica

It is the biggest source of water in earth. It is solid land that’s surrounded by ice in the entire surface. Most of area is still unexplored due to nature situation. More glaciers are melted then the sea level is increased.

  • Greenland

It is located at arctic area as the biggest land in the world. It also has ice with significant amount that affects sea level.

  • Mountain glacier

It contributes on how much water will go to sea. More water means high volume that bring higher sea level.

  • Land water

It consists of lake and river, including underground water. People build dam to restrict and keep water in large area. It gives less water to reach the sea.

Sea Level and Coastal Community

What does happen when sea level rise? In short term, costal community will have land issue. Based on international report, more than five hundred million people live in cities nearby coastal. In the future, they will face water not far from home.

Agriculture also has significant lose, particularly area in river delta and nearby sea. The land is contaminated with salt water. Farmers will have problem to select proper plants because soil is not as similar as the old time. In long term, this condition gives humanity issue, such as hunger and poverty.

Marine Ecosystem

Besides human, animal and marine ecosystem will receive the effects of sea level. Mangrove is specifically adjusted to this situation. However, that is not enough due to level rate is far from their adaptability.

Fish and other marine animals have chance to expand their territory. It has probability to build new ecosystem that adapt with land-based area. On the other side, coastal animal need to pull back to avoid wave directly as impact of sea level rise.

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