Climate Change

In fact, it is common knowledge that the earth is suffering from severe illness. Although the consequences have sprung up in many, there are still many people who have not been aware that their ignorance can be bad for the next few years. If you care about the environment, let’s discuss further about climate change facts.

Climate Change Happens a Long Time Ago

Speaking of climate change, the last few years have been a tough year for the existence of the earth as the only inhabited planet in the universe. However, not many people know that in fact, the process of climate change itself already exists even before the earth was inhabited by living things.

This process is often referred to as a retreat and regenerates process, where the earth always develops its topography and identity to enable the next civilization to emerge. This climate change has taken place for at least 650,000 years back.

It was Mostly Caused by Human

Climate Change

Although climate change has been a tradition for a long time, it turns out that it was caused by human behavior. Thanks to satellite imaging, there is evidence of how the abundance of garbage (not only plastic waste but overall garbage) is almost entirely caused by humans.

In some areas, the presence of human waste even replaces the position of other living things, such as animals and plants. This can certainly be dangerous in the future, as human waste also excrete some biochemical waste that might harm the atmosphere in the long term.

Humans are Already Overpopulated

In previous climate change facts, it had been explained that humans were the biggest contributor to waste on earth, but actually it was not only that. Some facts on the ground show that humans are actually overpopulated compared to other living things.

The overpopulation case might also harm another aspect of life, like geographical existence, pollution activity, and other things that happened because of a human consumptive behavior.

Green House Effect is a Thing

climate change fact

One of the disadvantages of this overpopulated problem is the high use of natural gas, especially in areas such as urban areas. Because the amount of carbon dioxide gas that is thrown into space is much less than that trapped inside. Finally, it raises a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect.

The phenomenon of greenhouse effect, where the inside of the earth is much hotter than the outside, is suspected to be a long-standing cause of the recent climate change. This effect has caused many impacts to the ecosystem within the earth, for example:

  • The increasing of air temperature
  • Melted ice in the north and south pole
  • Sea-level arising
  • Level of rain is more frequent
  • The threat of landslide is also increasing

For your information, the existence of this climate change facts proves that this is the time for humans to be more concerned about the environment, and begin to reduce any pollution they cause. The health of earth that we take care of can later produce something good for future descendants.

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