Grey White Bedroom

Are you looking for bedroom color ideas? Color affects anything; even it can make rooms of any size look bigger. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about having a small bedroom. By applying the right choice of color, you will have a larger room.

Playing with color is a bit tricky. Picking one is also hard for some people. Here are five color themes for small bedroom ideas to make your rooms larger.

All White Decoration

All-White Bedroom

Everybody knows that white is the main weapon to make a small room looks bigger. Having white covering all parts of your room can be one of the alternatives. It gives a clean and simple impression. However, this color is a bit disturbing at night.

To deal with the problem caused by white at night, you can combine it with soft gray or soft yellow. Soft yellow will be perfect for your bed. In addition, having soft gray or yellow on the floor is also recommended.

The Combination of White and Any Contrast Color

As mentioned earlier, white is a magical color which can make any room bigger. However, there is a stronger color than white. It is the combination of white and other contrast colors. Some of the combinations include:

  • White and brown
  • White and brick red
  • White and green
  • White and orange

Those combinations can be applied to some parts, for example, an orange-white strip design on the wall. Then, these colors can also be applied to objects inside the room.

Soft Gray and a Neutral Palette

The combination of a neutral palette and soft gray is the next bedroom color ideas. These colors also give a wider effect to a small room. You can apply this color, not only on the wall but also on some items in your room. It can be on your bed, table, desk, or even curtain.

Soft gray and other neutral palettes make a unique combination. A room using these colors doesn’t make you feel bored easily. Some of the palettes that can be used are soft brown and blue.

Sailor’s Sea Blue

Grey White Bedroom

Then, there is sailor’s sea blue. This color really matches you who need relaxing and peaceful impression on your bedroom. Even though it is quite deep, it also gives a bigger effect to your small room.

Other colors are needed to support the relaxing impression produced by this color. Here are some of them which can be combined with sea blue.

  • Bright Yellow
  • Soft Green
  • Dark Red
  • Snowy White


Last but not least, there is hazel. Hazel gives a classic impression. However, it also has a ‘beachy’ fresh feeling, and the most important thing, it can give a bigger effect to your room.

Hazel is really popular in the nineties. It is perfect to be combined with white and other soft colors. This green-blue color will give a lovely aura. That’s why hazel is one of the best bedroom color ideas to be played in your private room.

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