Judgment Enforcement

Going to court can be a tiresome, demanding process.

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It can be even worse when you’re finally ready to collect money you’re owed and your debtor runs and hides, or simply avoids paying you for as long as possible.

That’s why you need real help from trained recovery specialists.

When you get help from a Judgement Recovery Specialist at Judgement Rescue, you can resolve these issues quickly and efficiently, and get the money you’re owed as soon as possible.

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Judgment Rescue are highly-trained professionals with experience in skip tracing, asset search, and payment processing, and even have a qualified attorney ready to assist you in post-judgment proceedings.

Not only that, but we can do all of this with no upfront cost to you.


We’ll then do a thorough analysis of your case and your debtor to better understand your situation and develop a plan of action. After agreeing with our assessment and consultation, we’ll advance all costs and expenses and get to work immediately.We’ll levy your debtor’s bank accounts, seize their vehicles for auction and even garnish wages as permitted by law. All without you ever having to confront the debtor or life a finger.

When you’re ready to receive the money you’re owed, and you don’t want to deal with messy, convoluted systems or your debtor, let the professionals at Judgement Rescue help you get back on track.


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