Attorney Case Management

Judgment Rescue Makes The Best Attorney BETTER!

You’ve won your case and your client deserves to receive a substantial amount of money in a judgment that was hard fought and well earned. One victory down, one to go.

Now, The defendant is moving assets, switching bank accounts, changing addresses and has no intention of paying. Your client has made a large investment of time and money looking to you for justice. Justice is getting paid not being awarded a judgment.

Rock Star Case Management, forensic audits, asset searches, skip tracing, deposition research, investigation and much more.

Judgement Collection

Judgment Collection

We understand that attorneys are oftentimes unable to pursue collection properly due to time constraints or other obstacles. Post-judgment follow up including enforcement can be a long, time consuming endeavor with many roadblocks, and as an attorney your time is precious and results are expected.

Judgment Rescue is an agency specializing in hard-to-recoup collections for successful attorneys such as yourself. The goal through our partnership is to remove the painful follow through on winning judgments. We do it all for you, maximizing your compensation in the final result. 954-233-0699

Our process is quick and simple. We handle all the paperwork; take on the deep research necessary to root out hidden assets; handle all communications to debtors and all collection or physical repossessions, always in a professional, business-like manner that is timely, clean and drama-free.

In essence we go the extra mile that perhaps you are unable to see. And the result is a wider recouping margin for you and your client, with no effort and time expelled from your busy office.

Our specialty is distressed debt, non-performing notes, first and second position mortgage notes, easy pool pricing, and secured and unsecured debt and judgments.

Judgment Rescue’s team of specialists is based in South Florida and has over 25 years of experience in collection cumulatively with a success rate one of the highest in the state. Let us show you what we can do for you. 954-233-0699