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Winning the Case is Only the First Step.

Florida Judgment Collection, Going to court can be a tiresome, demanding process. It can be even worse when you’re finally ready to collect money you’re owed and your debtor runs and hides, or simply avoids paying you for as long as possible. That’s why you need real help from trained recovery specialists.

When you get help from a Judgement Recovery, Judgment Collection Specialist at Judgment Rescue, you can resolve these issues quickly and efficiently, and get the money you’re owed as soon as possible. Judgment Rescue are highly-trained professionals with experience in skip tracing, asset search, and payment processing, and even have a qualified attorney ready to assist you in post-judgment proceedings.

Not only that, but we can do all of this with no upfront cost to you.

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It’s FAST! You don’t have to wait for ages to collect your judgment.

It’s FREE! We don’t even charge you a dime!

It’s EASY! Say goodbye to ‘Chasing’!

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Florida Judgment Collection & Enforcement
Garnish Wages & Levy Bank Accounts
Locate Assets & Skip Trace
Small Claims Collection & Debt Collection
Judgment Recovery & Post Judgment Collection


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Asset Search

Levy Bank Accounts, Seize Vehicles, Garnish Wages
We levy bank accounts, seize vehicles for auction and garnish wages as permitted by law. All this will be done without you ever having to confront the debtor.

Fraudulent Conveyance

You Can Run But
Creditors are often frustrated by the debtor moving assets to LLC's or a Trust in an attempt to hide. Let Judgment Rescue show you how to combat this tactic.

Skip Trace

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Any time a debtor changes their address, opens a utility account, applies for credit, registers an automobile or any other action that puts them on the grid, Judgment Rescue can find them. They can run but in this day and age they can’t hide. Give us a call today: 954-233-0699


Florida Judgment Collection | About Us

Welcome to Judgment Collection, a professional debt recovery and judgment collection service, free of any upfront cost to you!

At  Judgment Collection, we’re a competent team of debt collectors and judgment collection specialists, here to help you get back your owed money without a hassle, in as little time as possible. We understand that even though the court has ruled in your favor, getting the actual debt back can be a time-consuming, challenging process. We give you complete peace of mind about getting back your money with our professional judgment collection service – free of charge.

We utilize a variety of means to ensure your debtor cannot escape without paying off your debt. Some of our judgment collection methods and techniques include levying bank accounts, seizing vehicles, and tracing debtors extensively so if they change their address, apply for credit, register a vehicle, or open an account, we can easily track them down. All of this is conducted 100% legally with no hassle to you whatsoever – we do all the tough work for you and you simply get back your owed amount!

Reasons to Choose Florida Judgment Collection:

  • No upfront cost, hidden fees, or administration fees
  • Expert, professional judgment collection and enforcement conducted in a legal, safe manner
  • We are experts and specialists when it comes to judgment collection
  • High success rate – we have gotten owed amounts back to countless clients!
  • State of the art resources for judgment collection and advanced use of technology for tracing debtors
  • We do all the work for you so you don’t have to worry about getting your money back!

Get your debt returned to you today. Our fast and free service is the best solution for judgment collection in Florida! Fill out our form or contact us. 954-233-0699